Welfare, Health Care, and Caring for the Health and Welfare of Bosnia

I'm often the token International Relations grad student at American Politics-oriented functions - they like to feel like they're multi-subfield and I like to feel like I have friends, so it works. Last night, Spice and the person that Spice makes a nice couple with presented a paper on elite discourse and public opinion to a group of 7 Americanists and me. I didn't have much to add for most of the conversation, but it did strike me while I was reading the paper and during discussion how similar their ideas were to some of the stuff on Bosnia that I'm working on for J.Peve. They're writing about how streams of information from elites shapes the formation, intensity, and direction of public opinion - we're writing about how Congressional cues during the build-up to war affect the probability that the public will support the war. Maybe we're not so different after all. We ended the evening with a big hug and some Salad Toppins.

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Spice said...

Mmmm...Salad Toppins!

Okay, I didn't have any Salad Toppins.

J.Peve is a terrible nickname - up there with K.Ho!

And it was that we made a _good_ couple. I'm sure that old guy would be crushed if he knew that his attempt to show solidarity with the local gay community was actually directed at a couple of single, straight women.

Besides, no one makes as good of a non-lesbian lesbian couple as me and J.Po.