Update on this: Although my order was placed around 11:00 p.m. last night, Vitruvian put my shoes on a UPS truck this morning!

Based on a some glowing recommendations at Slowtwitch, I ordered a pair of Vitruvian Proportion running shoes last night. My Mizuno Wave Riders are getting floppy and worn anyway, and for $30 shipped (for the old models), they're worth a try. They're ugly, even for someone who appreciates the aesthetics of ugly, but I like their development and design philosophy -
Who are we? We're just people who've made some shoes. Running shoes.

Lots of 'em. For quite a while. Famous brands. Famous names. Famous feet. Then something occurred to us while we were toiling away bringing the ideas of others to fruition. Their focus was in the wrong direction. Their ideas are of shiny materials. Their ideas are about new goofy gizmos dubbed "technology". Their ideas are meant to sell shoes. Their ideas are meant to sell more shoes than the competition. This is called "gaining market share". And that's what it's all about, for them.

For us, it's all about making the best possible running shoes that we can.

As we've noted, we've got some experience to help us. Trying to keep a bunion from getting irritated. Trying to squeeze out that last gram of weight. Trying to keep the cushioning from fading before hitting the finish line. Been there, done that.

Most athletic shoe brands have their "gimmick". You know, a midsole with a capsule full of air, jelly, water, etc. Cool looking doo-dads that are molded into the upper. Special space-age polymer stabilizing bars, pods, posts, etc. Funky lacing systems or no laces at all. Doesn't it make you wonder who's right? What really works?

Let's take a look at the technology that goes into every Vitruvian Running shoe, or maybe we should say "lack of technology".

My shoes should be here by the middle of next week - you'll get a full report after I put some miles under them.

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Sophist said...

Those shoes are retro-stylin'. I can't wait to hear how they run. I must admit that I am very curious about the Nike Free shoes but I would feel like a complete tool for buying into their ad campaign.