Vasques, Velocities, and Vitruvians - oh my!

We're going to play a little game called "Name the More Aesthetically-pleasing Shoe". It works like this - you name the more aesthetically-pleasing shoe.

First impressions:
-The Vitruvians aren't as ugly in person as they are on the website. M.Bro agrees.
-Both shoes are very, very comfortable, even before they've been properly broken in.
-The Vitruvians have almost no heel-to-toe drop and walking with a Vitruvian on my left foot and a Vasque on my right feels awfully strange. The difference in heel height is very noticeable.
-The Vasques feel really, really sturdy - exactly what I want out of a trail shoe.

The Vitruvians are coming to the gym with me in a few minutes.


J.Po said...

I think the Vasques are more pleasing to the eye. This has always been my opinion. I have been behind those shoes since day one.

Anonymous said...

I decree the orange thing to be less ugly.


Sophist said...

how heavy are the vitruvians vs. the waffle racers? do the vitruvians feel like racing shoes?