Red shoes on the swingset

Apparently someone beat both me and the MBG to the punch - the Orange Shoe Gym has just opened in the '19 area ZIP code (that's a new thing I'm trying - Missy and I are '16ers, but I work in '11). It's really quite similar, to the point where I'm having trouble believing they're not related somehow.

MBG has boot camp and body power - OSG has recess and push-n-pull.
Remember how much fun recess was as a kid? Always staring at the clock waiting for it, never wanting it to end, and never, ever boring! Recess inspired us at Orange Shoe Gym to go back to the drawing board and create a one-of-a-kind class that recreates the good ol' days of being in shape.

Strength and power give you the ability to do short-term work and one-time movements. PUSH 'N PULL helps you develop functional strength and power by doing exercises related to the activities of daily living—lifting your kid out of the car, helping a friend move, or even hitting a golf ball off a tee.

Some photos of the OSG's interior:

I just sent them an e-mail asking whether my (fictional) membership at the Williamson St gym was good for both locations - I'll post the answer once I get it.

Edited to add: That's just the kind of keen eye for detail you'd expect from an '03 dork.

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Spice said...

Do you mean ZIP code, not area code? Because as far as I can tell, we're all living in the 6-0-8, yo!

I already knew about the OSG. Housemate Jaymie has a friend who used to work at the Monkey Bar, and reports that the gym owner is a total asshole (as E.Fo and I experienced). The OSG was started by a disgruntled former MBG trainer. The MBG head is now suing him for stealing the concept.

So I look forward to hearing if/how they respond to your query!