Qdoba, Qdoba - Threeeee Generaaations of Valluuuuuue!

Local burritory Qdoba has begun their first radio advertising program (to my memory, at least), and I have to say - it's quite terrible. They've adopted the faux-live-broadcast genre of commercial, which is second only to faux-customer-testimonial genre in terms of my hatred. Let me give you a little snippet:
Interviewer (who is in the Qdoba kitchen, sampling their amazing freshness and quality): Now which of these is the medium salsa?

Peppy Qdoba employee: Oh, we don't have medium salsa. What would "medium" taste like anyway? This is the Salsa Grande!

Interviewer: Mmmmmm!

That's right - Qdoba would like you to believe that "medium" has no taste, but "large" is packed with authentic southwest flavor!

Also, you have a chance to impress me by naming the company that originally did the jingle in the title.


Spice said...

Indeed, 'large' seems to convey less information than 'medium,' which gives you a pretty good sense of spiciness if nothing else.

Mister Vertigo said...

I totally agree about commercials of this type. The main reason I hardly watch TV any more is because of the commercials, and radio isn't a whole lot better. Usually, radio will try to be a little more entertaining, since they can't rely on visuals to promote themselves.

By the way, your title is none other than the infamous Bombgars jingle!