Old photos

My grandfather (who is one of my regular readers) and grandmother, Eldon and Barbara, are celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend. Feeling a little nostalgic, I reckon, Grandpa has been sending out old photos of their kids (including such people as my mom), nieces, and nephews.

My grandfather took the photo below with a 35mm Argus C-3 Rangefinder that he bought many years ago in the Navy. He didn't say, but I suspect that he developed it himself too. He used to have a photo lab on the second floor of his house - if I can get him to scan and send more of his photography, I'll post it.

The kids in the photo are (front to back, left to right) - Angie Marsh, Kirby Marsh (my uncle), Joni Miller, Krista Marsh (my aunt), Russ Marsh, Jacque Marsh, Denise Marsh (my mom), Gayle Marsh (my aunt), Julie Miller, Mark Miller, and Carla Marsh.


Elf said...

I love old photos! Do you know what year this was taken?

Mister Vertigo said...

This is very cool! I like old photos as well. Somewhere someone in my family has a family picture that has my great grandmother in it when she was about 4 years old. It's very cool to see! I only ever knew one of my grandmothers, so I like to see pictures of my grandparents as well.