My new dissertation topic: Rate that flag!

I suppose you could rank states by GDP or balance of payments or military budget or per capita health care expenditures, but let's be honest with ourselves - it's all about the flag. According to the site's author -
I assigned the letter grades in the way I usually mark student papers. C would be assigned to flags that were just satisfactory, but seriously flawed in some way; B to strong attempts with minor flaws; and A to inspired or advanced work. Anything lower than a C- is a fail: that country would be better off without a flag at all.To recieve an F, a flag had to be so awful that its level of badness was clearly qualitatively different from that of any flag receiving a D. I had to feel that a country receiving an F had really set out to create a genuinely horrible flag, or didn't really know what a flag was.

Best - Gambia (90/100) - "Great design and colour choice. Also represents the geography of the country (without being a map)."

Note: I suppose the author means that the center stripe looks long and narrow like Gambia. Judge for yourselves:

Worst - Northern Mariana Islands (2/100) - "Appears to have been constructed from clip art. Truly awful."


J.Po said...

It's pretty fantastic that someone actually spends his time doing this. What a life's work! I'm confused about Gambia too....the flag shows geography??? WTF?!? Maybe it means that the northern part is desert (red), the middle is water (blue...and true by the map) and the south is lush land (green).

How does the US flag perform? I'm not a huge fan.

J.Po said...

I like that the site has icons for "colonial nonsense" and "corporate logo". This is absolutely delightful.

J.Bro said...

Amusingly, the plain green Libyan flag (70/100 - "Did you even try?") ranks higher than the US flag (60/100 - "If one is good, fifty must be just right")