Interesting offer

We had an interesting housing-related offer in our mailbox last night. As I've posted before, our townhomes are being sold as condos and we don't want to buy. We were planning to move to the Monroe St area when our current lease ends on 7/1, and had even been doing research and scoping out places. Yesterday, however, our landlord made us this offer -

-Sign another one-year lease to continue renting at our current rent
-Sign with the provision that our landlord can end our lease anytime with a 60-day notice
-If he ends the lease early, however, rent for those two months is waived
-At the end of the 60 days, we can move into one of two other apartment buildings owned by our landlord and receive another free month's rent.

Thoughts? Feedback? Bemused wonderings at the state of the cosmos?

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Mister Vertigo said...

That doesn't sound like a bad deal. Worst case scenario will be you have two months to find another place to move to.

What if you sign the lease for a year, and find a new place on your own before they kick you out? Is there a provision allowing you to break the lease with no penalty? If you can, it sounds like a good deal.