Instant 5:30 mile

I was hesitant to unveil the secret weapon by which T.Bone will be defeated at next month's Crazylegs Classic, but my hesitation was overcome by my schoolgirl-like giddiness at the coolnes of my new Zoom Waffles. They're crazy-light (7.6 oz each according to the Scrapbook Superstore postal scale) and have no heel support to speak of - it's like standing on an incline.

If you're going to order a pair (from the link below), I would suggest ordering a full size larger than you usually wear. I wear an 11.5 in every other pair of shoes and these 12s would be uncomfortable with thick socks.


Juan Dixon's Number 1 Fan said...

The Bone is currently injured, and what with the new controversy over steroids and performance enhancement drugs making it tougher to get a quick recovery, you might need to give him a handicap.

Sophist said...

You ran a 5:30 mile!?!?!?!? You're well on your way to a sub 40:00 10k. I bet you could do it now. No problem AT ALL. Jeeeez louise, and I'm seeing from December blogging that your Jingle Bells 10k time was 49:20!?!? You rock. My god. I need to take lessons.

J.Bro said...

Sadly, no - they just felt like they could make me. It turns out I'm the same 7:00/mile runner I was before I started wearing minimalist shoes.