I touched her arm - eeeee!

After a few hours of dissembly, hauling and unloading last night, the Midwest Scrapbook Expo-a-thon-palooza is over. The surprising star of back left corner of the show was none other than M.Bro herself. She's been doing pages for EK Success, a scrapbook supply company based in New York City, primarily for their displays at shows like the one in Madison. The last three pages she did were for a new line of nesting circle and square punches, and EK decided to use her pages not only for show displays but as their in-store displays. Every store that orders these punches from EK will also receive a display of M.Bro's three pages to give customers an idea of how to use them. People at the show were very excited to meet M.Bro when they found out that she's a designer for EK - seriously, one woman left to get her friends. Like any good celebrity, M.Bro said she was red-faced and embarrassed.

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