I didn't realize

When I posted this morning about the weather, I didn't realize that today was going to turn into my favorite day of the year! Today's the day that, despite what the calendar says, winter is really over - it's not just that it's 65 degrees outside, it's that the 65 degrees promises months and months of better weather to follow. I imagine the weather is like this all the time in the SF Bay area, which might make you think that I'd be eternally happy there. That may be true, but not because it'd be my favorite day of the year every day - it's the change, not the day.

My favorite day of the year also included a trip to the less-spectacular east-side(yo) Princeton Club for swimming with M.Bro, Spice, and Herr Goebbels. It was supposed to be the 500 and 50 meter swim tests for the 30-day midpoint of our 60-day Fitness Challenge (c)(r)(tm). Apparently I hit the wrong button on my watch for the 500, but didn't realize that until we were done. I was ready to go again, but M.Bro nixed the idea, noting (correctly) that we had plenty of other days to try. The 50 sprint went much better - M.Bro cut over four seconds off hers (from 60.2 to 55.8) and mine was a ridiculously fast (for me) 36.8. What better day to break 40 seconds than my favorite day of the year?

The swim was followed by a 1:45 ride in...wait for it...shorts and a short-sleeve jersey. Sadly, I only saw one other cyclist on my route. I live on the east side (yo), though, and the main loops are south and west.

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