Having some weather

As I walked to the bus stop 20 minutes ago, I noticed that the western horizon looked dark. No, saying that it looked dark doesn't really do it justice - it looked like impending doom. I watched it roll toward me well past the time my bus was supposed to arrive. A friendly passerby eventually told the assembled bus-stoppees that service was on hold because of a tornado warning. In the 5 minute walk back to my office, the temperature dropped by 10-15 degrees and it got subtantially darker. Still, in the end, I'd take a mouth-of-hell spring storm over a blizzard any day.
From Weather Underground:


Mister Vertigo said...

Our "impending doom" hit Omaha this morning. It has been gorgeous here too the last couple days, but I was woken up this morning to the sound of thunder and hail pounding the crap out of my bedroom window.

You'd think getting woken up would upset me, but I was fine with it because hail means WINTER IS OVER!!

grrrbear said...

Some would say that hail is just snow on steroids...the Barry Bonds of winter precipitation, per se.

And we in Chicago got our benches smacked up yesterday on my way home from a board meeting where I personally stuffed 300 envelopes. The hail was tiny though. Still...lotta lighting...