There's an embarrassing amount of free music to be had through Fingertips - thanks to Salon's Audiofile for the link. In particular, check out the Top 10 lists and the list of mp3 hubs.

The New Music page also has excellent reviews of the music, in case you like to download sparingly. For example, the site has this to say about "The Engine Driver" from The Decemberists not-yet-released album, Picaresque:
With crisp, minor-chord rhythm guitar, spacious yet intimate percussion, and an unusually effective melodica, the Decemberists deliver a haunting take on the time-honored train song--whether metaphorical or actual, the train conjured here both lyrically and musically feels lost even as it chugs by necessity along its predestined tracks. While not as obviously a historical tale as many this unique band has told, there's yet something in the graceful fabric that suggests history (and history's handmaiden, loss)--something that has much to do with the distinctive, nasal urgings of singer/songwriter Colin Meloy's voice and his singular syntax and vocabulary. "The Engine Driver" will be found on the band's new Picaresque CD, due out on the Kill Rock Stars label on March 22. The MP3 comes to us via Filter Magazine.

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Colleen said...

Oooh, great link! Now I'm hooked on the Kaiser Chiefs.