Feet that are Fleet

After the Valentine's 5K, there was a flyer under my windshield washer for a new running store in Madison - Fleet Feet, which is part of a national chain. The store, which is on Old Sauk Rd, is set to open on April 1 (unless it's all an elaborate prank. Which would be really funny). I'm pretty loyal to Movin' Shoes on Park Street, and naturally distrustful of national chains, but I read a post on TNO today that gave me a nice, warm feeling about Fleet Feet.
When I walk in, I see a hub of activity. A woman (who is one of the owners) came over to help me. She put me on a treadmill (with running shoes) and videotaped me while I run. She analyzed my run and suggestsed several different pairs of shoes. While I'm tried on a pair of shoes, she showed a stretching exercise to two women who were in the shop. She was constantly looking around to make sure all the people in there were being helped. I got the instant feeling that they were an integral part of the running community.

I never asked her how much the shoes cost, but as I was checking out she said "Oh yeah, those shoes are 30% off. I didn't tell you because I didn't want to influence your decision." She very well could have let me pay full price, but instead gave me the discount; even though she knew I was from out of town and probably wouldn't be back.

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