Even I have shortcomings

I decided to bite the bullet, admit my shortcomings, and e-mail my gym to see if any of the trainers are trained in swimming instruction. I've progressed quite a bit in the last three years - from not being able to swim a 25 without treading water to hyperventilate to pretty consistent 1:50 100s - but I'm starting to feel like that's about as far as I'm going to be able to go on my own. I've seen my wife progress much faster thanks (at least in part) to input from me, but I need to find a faster, better, more efficient swimmer to learn from.

If you swim well and you live in Madison, there's a day-pass to my pool and a dinner on me in it for you.

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J.Po said...

I have 8 free passes to the Y and 10 years of competitive swimming experience. Make a trip to the Bay Area and you've got a coach.