Dunn Bros

If you don't want to drink at coffee-shop-of-the-moment Fair Trade (maybe it's too far down State Street, maybe you can't find a table) I'd like to recommend Dunn Bros on Lake Street. Cheap coffee, free wireless, close to campus, and an in-house roaster that smells better than a new baby's head. I'll be here for most of the afternoon looking for articles about the '92-'94 buildup to Bosnia.

Then it's floor hockey MAAADNESS!


ELF said...

I love Dunn Bros! So much in fact that I used to frequent them everyday on my way to work when I lived in Minneapolis.

The one on Lake lacks a certain atmosphere that I loved from MSP, but you can't beat the free wireless and good coffee smell.

Good luck at your game!

Travis said...

Ah, yes. I do love Dunn Brothers: Minneapolis. As with Law & Order and CSI, however, the regional spin-off leaves something to be desired.

Not that I've ever actually watched CSI, for the record.

Spice said...

I think the Dunn Bros. here suffers from poor furniture setup and poor lighting near the windows. But is otherwise swell.

The Dunn Bros. near my mom's house, however, (which I posted about on my blog) is in a historic house and is absolutely adorable.