Delayed another season

I was crushed after the Ultramax Ironman that was supposed to be held in September was cancelled, both because I was excited to race it and because I hadn't signed up for Ironman-Wisconsin. Registration for officially-licensed Ironman races fills in aobut 12 hours (except Ironman-Malaysia - see a few posts down), so there was no way I was getting in three months later. Or was there? Apparently the Ironman Collegiate Championship is held on the same day as IM-WI, starts at the same time, uses the same course and finish line, etc. I'm a dissertator, which qualifies me as a full-time student! I'm in!

Unfortunately, the Collegiate Championship is capped at 150 entrants, and I just found out that my application was too late to get in under the cap. IM-WI is turning into a really popular race (#6 on Inside Triathlon's reader poll of must-do races), and people are getting in any way they can. I just wasn't mean to race an Ironman this summer, I guess.

I'm disappointed, but I'm not crushed. When I race another Ironman, I want to really race it, not just try to finish. This summer, with a pretty full plate of mountain bike race/trail run events that were going to involve camping out on Friday and Saturday nights, there were going to be multiple weeks without a long run or bike. I want to be able to toe the line (or tread water in the lake, as it were) knowing that a time goal (other than the 17 hour cutoff) is doable, and that probably wasn't going to be the case if I had raced in September.

Or maybe I'm just burying my disappointment in excuses.

Without that to cap my season, I decided to find a Half-Ironman around the same time - late August or early September. Fortunately for me, the Lake Geneva Extreme (note: not X-Treme) Half-Ironman is not only around the same time, but the day before IM-WI. I'm doing the Tinman Half-IM on June 12, so it'll be interesting to start and end my triathlon season with the same distance.

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Sophist said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the Ironman disappointment!

My pal O.L. once offered to set up a half marathon for me. He said he'd set up a starting line, and then set up a table with a single paper cup of water every few miles, and at the end, he would set up a ribbon. I like the image of a table with one cup of water on it.