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I got an e-mail last night from my summer job boss. He wanted to know whether I had 20-25 free hours this week to help them with some packet-making for presentations the sales department is making next week. Since I'd spend that time TAing anyway, I said I'd do it. It turned out to be a horrible, horrible job - making copies, collating, stapling, assembling various marketing things in the correct order, boxing, labeling, and various other paper-cut-giving things. I like having steady summer employment though, so I'll be back tomorrow morning.

I also would have missed this cool story -
Aris Georgiades, Professor of Sculpture at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, has accomplished something beyond what any bicycle fanatic wouldever dream possible.

He has linked 18 Vintage Schwinn Bicycles together to form one continuous, rideable circle. Through participation on this component bike sculpture, the work becomes an interactive piece that explores the frustration of going around in a circle throughout our daily lives.

He has made this piece, titled "Spinning Our Wheels" specifically for the featured piece in the Scottsdale Arts Festival, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Aris Georgiades has lived & taught in Seattle, Chicago, and now Madison, Wisconsin. He is a professional artist and instructor, who creates both public and gallery sculpture.

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