Beltline accident

When Missy and I were driving home from the gym on Thursday night, we thought it was really strange that there was no traffic on the eastbound beltline after John Nolen drive. At the South Town exit, we saw the multi-vehicle accident, and realized what was going on. A semi rear-ended a car during rush hour, causing a six-car pile-up and killing the passenger of one of the cars.

On the same night, in what you would think is a completely unrelated story, two women didn't show up for a class at Missy's store. She had planned to call them this morning to let them know that since they didn't cancel within 24 hours. Fortunately, before she dialed, she realized that she recognized one of the names - Debra Callies was the woman killed on the beltline Thursday night, probably on her way to the Scrapbook Superstore for the class. She didn't call the other woman because she's pretty sure it was the driver (whose name hasn't been released). It's such a strange feeling - I couldn't pick this woman out of a lineup, but the connection makes the accident seem much more concrete.


Spice said...

Wow - that's very sad.

Even as someone who's three degrees away, I definitely feel the impact more than I would have knowing nothing about the people involved.

J.Po said...

I'm four degrees, and equally impacted. That is very very tragic.