Beginning of the end

This morning I found a patch of white hair in my beard - only two or three hairs, but I think that qualifies as a patch. Missy also told me that I'm starting to look like a lumberjack. She didn't say "elderly lumberjack" but I could tell she was thinking it.


Sophist said...

Have some Geritol. It will restore your vim and vigor. It worked for me!

Anonymous said...

Eh. Grey hairs -- been there, done that. I've chosen to bypass my usual routine of blaming GW Bush and instead blame (a) grad school and (b) coffee for this one.

Why do I think that excessive coffee causes grey hair in 28-year-olds? I don't really know.


Mister Vertigo said...

I'll join this club. I have found my fair share of grey hairs in my beard. I personally blame stress. I have no idea if that's why or not, but what CAN'T you blame on stress?

I guess it doesn't bother me too much, but my girlfriend likes to tease me about it.