Attention minorities - watch out for my wife!

I was working at the Steep & Brew near the Scrapbook Superstore this afternoon, when who should storm in but my lovely wife - looking quite frazzled! Apparently a customer had asked the use their die-cut machine, for which you have to be a paid member of the Die-Cut Society. The machines are crazy-expensive, so they're not included in the free part of the classroom space. This customer, however, wasn't listed in the SS system as a DCS member - at least according to the SS computer system. The customer claims to have paid already, and that this had happened last time she asked to use the die-cut machine. M.Bro told her that time (last week, I guess) that she could use the machine that day, but just needed to bring a receipt showing DCS dues had been paid. "No problem" was the response last week.

When the customer walked up to the SS counter today, M.Bro was working on a different project and said that A.Hens (another SS employee at the next register) would be happy to help her. The customer asked to use the die-cut machine and was told that she needed to be a member - this made M.Bro remember the customer, and she asked the customer whether she had her receipt per their last conversation. M.Bro again offered to let the customer use the machine for the day, provided she brought in the receipt next time. The customer was none-too-pleased, however, and engaged M.Bro in a tense conversation in which the entire staff was called "very rude" and M.Bro was accused of being a racist.

When M.Bro retold this story, her (rough) reaction was along the lines of, "I didn't even care that she called us rude or that she yelled in front of a dozen other customers, because we did everything we could do for her - but I'm really shaken up that she would accuse me of being a racist!" That's a big card to pull out, especially at a place of business in front of a store full of customers, and it was way over the line. M.Bro, to her credit, told the customer as much.

Once again, back to grading PS103 papers.

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ashley said...

Well I can personaly say that I know M.Bro, and there is no way in the world that he or she is a racist person. I believe that the reacurring situation that he or she was delt with, handled it very well.