"And here's some local stuff..."

Wow - I feel cooler just listening to Minnesota Public Radio's 89.3: The Current. And I'm pretty cool in the first place.

Edited to add: Seriously, who else is going to play "Nowhere Again" by Secret Machines? No one, that's who. "There's a woman in the mirror in a firey state. She motions to me - I start pulling away" indeed. Ack - in the time it took me to post this, they started playing "My Mind is Rambling" by The Black Keys!

Madison has to have the market for a station like this, doesn't it? Why is our college station so craptacular?

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Spice said...

I decided to take a self-imposed break from The Current today because I felt bad about not using my iPod! I think I will try to balance the two - The Current when I'm out and about with my laptop, iPod at other times.

And no Madison radio, ever. Unless I'm in the car.

The Current: Best. Radio. Station. Ever.