Althouse on cyclists and bikers

Ann Althouse posted about her annoyance with people riding bikes on sidewalks, against traffic, against lights, etc., which prompted me to send the following e-mail:
On the issue of cyclists on campus, I think you'd find that those of us who count ourselves as serious cyclists are just as annoyed, if not moreso, at cyclists who disobey traffic laws. My commute to campus is around 8 miles, and I want nothing more to be treated like another car while I ride in. Cyclists ignoring traffic signals, riding on the sidewalk, or riding against traffic in the bike lane all contribute to a situation in which automobile drivers stop seeing me as a valid user of the road - that's dangerous for me.

Which, in part, prompted this update:
ANOTHER UPDATE: Several Madison bicyclists have emailed to say that they follow the rules and are dismayed that other bicyclists don't and ruin everybody's reputation.

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