What's hot (if you're a bicycle)

The list below is courtesy of the editor of the new VeloNews Buyer's Guide. As a once-in-a-while bike industry foo', I have to admit that the company that employs me is only doing #5 (and that's not really even something we can take credit for). There's a big future for us, I'm sure!
1. Integrated, oversize bottom bracket technology: You gotta give thanks to old Roger Durham at Bullseye for pumping out the first modern production two-piece crankset in the late 1970s. Shimano remixed and remade the engineering concept with its HollowTech II crankset (debuted in 2003) and just about every serious crankset manufacturer has caught on to the idea with their own variations of the two-piece crankset and oversize, outward positioned bottom bracket cups. Lighter and stiffer without too much added price. And if you're still concerned about "bearing issues" with the new bottom brackets, word is they're entirely worked out for 2005.

2. Affordable carbon bikes: Gotta have a full-carbon ride for 2005? Giant's TCR Composite 3 costs an amazing $1600...for the entire bike!

3. Better fit: After scouring through hundreds of catalogs it's clear to see that more manufacturers are producing a wider array of sizes (with corresponding component size selection) to fit their customers.

4. Team issue replicas: Want to own Lance's Madone or Jan's TCR? No problem in 2005. Many manufacturers are issuing nearly identical production bikes of your favorite cycling heroes.

5. Trickle-down: From Shimano's Ultegra and Deore LX to Campagnolo's Centaur, to SRAM's X.7 trigger shifters, the good stuff keeps getting integrated into parts we can all afford.

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