I saw Autolux/Moving Units/Secret Machines on campus last night. By "on campus" you probably think I mean some hip venue. You'd be wrong. The show was at "Club 770" in Union South, which is just a curtained-off section of the Einstein Bros (a bagel place) dining area. Despite the crappiness of the venue, I always enjoy small shows. When there are only 200 people at a show, everyone is close to the stage and the speakers. I stood about two rows back for Autolux and Moving Units (who put on, in my opinion, a better show than the headliner), but got pushed back a couple rows when Secret Machines came on.

The bands were good, and I actually enjoyed being close enough to watch the stage changes (it was intimate enough that I felt like I should offer to help), but I felt like the oldest person there. Secret Machines aren't a teenie group by any means, though, so I attribute my perceived elderliness to the nature of the show - free and on-campus.

As they always seem to, good shows come in waves. Secret Machines was the first, to be followed by Keane and The Zutons on Feb 20, Modest Mouse on Feb 28, and Interpol (hopefully) on March 13. After that, I expect there will be a break until the summer tours start to come through.

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