Travelin' in style

Apparently the Atlanta airport has been fog-bound for three days, and today is the first day that flights have left since Sunday morning. My wife's plane, which was supposed to leave early this morning, was delayed multiple times. She just called to say that she's finally in Milwaukee, though - many hours after she was supposed to be. She and her boss have plane tickets that are supposed to go all the way to Madison, but the airline doesn't have any Milwaukee-Madison flights leaving for another few hours. "Oh no - does that mean you're not getting home until late tonight?" is what I asked her. Apparently not - the airline is sending a bunch of passengers back to Madison in limos. Yeah - limos.

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ashley said...

So did your wife get to ride in the limos, or did she get to get on the airplane. I think that she would probally have more fun riding back in a limos but she could also be safer in the air. I dont know about this.