Three Good Ideas

I have three good business ideas. If you are a large corporation and would like to buy the rights to any of these ideas, I can be bought.

Good Idea #1 - A Mapquest-esque website that not only shows driving directions, but pretty colored circles along the route that represent which radio stations you are in the range of. Want to know where you can listen to Rush Limbaugh as you drive from Muskegon to LaCrosse? What top-40 stations can I listen to while I drive from L.A. and Denver?

Good Idea #2 - Sub-catastrophic car insurance. My health insurance covers more than just accidents - why can't my car insurance cover a bad alternator, worn brake pads, or a broken u-joint? I'm willing to pay a co-pay to get my oil changed, and so are you.

Good Idea #3 - The "Technology Institute", which exists only on paper, and only to "certify" products that companies pay me to "certify". Got a new crunch-based exercise machine you want to sell on your info-mercial? I bet you'll sell more once its "certified by the Technology Institute"! It's vague enough to be meaningless, but important-sounding enough to fool the stupid.

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