See Mike Bike

If you're on campus today, take a look at the front page of the Daily Cardinal - specifically, the photo in the lower left corner. For those of you in other states, it's a photo of a guy on a road bike, taken from the perspective of his front hub (unfortunately, it's not on the Daily Cardinal website). The caption reads, "UW-Madison junior Michael Ritter trains for the UW-Madison cycling club on Library Mall earlier this week."

What irresponsible "journalism"! Mr. Ritter was not, in fact, "training" on Library Mall, which makes it sound like he was riding back and forth to get some cardio time in - he, along with a half-dozen other members of the UW cycling team, were riding their stationary trainers for an event called "Freezing for Safety". They ride all day long while they ask for donations - the donations are then used to buy helmets for needy Madison youth.

Thanks, Daily Cardinal staff, for turning a cool event into a stupid, misleading caption.

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