Paying for a PR

I ran my fastest 5K ever this morning (23:24 / 7:35 per mile), but I'm paying for it with a redoubling of the hacking, phlegm-y cough that I've been fighting for a week. I couldn't have ordered a nicer morning for a race - 45, sunny, and still. There must have been 400-500 people at the Valentine's Run this morning, so the start was a little sketchy. We thinned out by the first mile, which I hit in 7:15. I was pretty stoked at that point, because I knew the crowded start had slowed me down at _least_ 15 seconds, and I would have been on pace for a really good race. The illness and week away from the gym caught up to me pretty quick, though, and my second mile was 7:45. My breathing was starting to get really ragged at this point, which I knew wasn't a good sign. I caught one of my former students (hey Carmi) at mile 2.2 or so, said hi, and used her to pace myself to the finish. She had more left in the tank, though, and finished around :30-:45 ahead of me.

All in all, I feel like I have a lot of potential to go faster - I just need to spend more time going faster on the treadmill (and come to the starting line healthy). I can hit 21:00 this summer, and run a sub-20 next Spring.


Sophist said...

Yay J Bro! That's a mighty fast 5k. Do you do speedwork/interval training?

J.Bro said...

Unfortunately, not anywhere near as much as I could or should be, which is why I think I have a lot of room to improve my 5K (and probably my 10K) times. My regular training/treadmill pace is 8:00-8:45/mile, but once a week or so I like to do 5:00 run/5:00 walk sets where the run is a mini-ladder - 7:30/mile for 2:00, up to 6:30 for 1:00, back down to 7:30 for 2:00.