Neko Case

As I sit here deciding how to properly define "resolve" and working my way through a stack of CDs, I've decided that Neko Case may be the finest vocalist I've ever heard. Download any (or all) of the below and try to tell me that I'm wrong.

New Pornographers - Letter From An Occupant (from Mass Romantic)
New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed (from Matador at 15 compilation)
Neko Case - Blacklisted (from Blacklisted)

Apparently Amazon has a couple free mp3s from The Tigers Have Spoken - not my favorite tracks, but good nonetheless.

Neko Case is followed closely by Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley. That's the same Jenny Lewis from such classic teenage movies as Troop Beverly Hills (with Shelley Long!) and The Wizard (with Fred Savage!). You can hear (but not download) tracks from More Adventurous on their website - just click on "music".

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