Kissing the Lipless

Event #1) I got an overpayment check in the mail today from American Family Insurance
Event #2) I got an e-mail from the Eagle's Club about a Shins concert on 4/13 - tickets went on sale 2 hours and 18 minutes ago.

Coincidence? Probably. That's not going to stop WifeBro and I from seeing one of my favorite bands live though. We got general admission seats this time, so we'll be the watchees instead of the watchers-from-the-balcony.

If you're legally/illegally downloading tunes, I recommend "Fighting in a Sack" and "Young Pilgrims" to get you started. Even if you have the Garden State soundtrack, these tracks will give you a better representative sample of the Shins - the songs on the soundtrack are much less-poppy than the rest of their stuff.


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