It's no "Strange Bedfellows" but...

I think my dissertation has a title. Try this on for size - "Oil This War Machine: Markets, Resolve, and the Efficiency of Conflict" I was thinking about how one of the implications of what I'm doing is making crises a more efficient process - and the negative connotations of that. The title is a play on hand-markered anti-war signs.

I understand, though, that "Strange Bedfellows" is still available, and I'm not ruling it out.

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Spice said...

"Strange Bedfellows" was such a nice title - I wish I could still use it. It has a much nicer ring than "Managing Public Opinion: Attentive Publics, Political Elites, and the Policymaking Process." I'm hoping something snappier comes to me sometime in the next two years.

I must admit that "Oil This War Machine" sounds kind of awkward to me, but probably because I don't really understand the context yet.