An exercise in nostalgia

Good title, huh? I stole it from the back page of the Ishthmus. We're going to do this, my Madison-based friends. He may not be your president, but this is your presidential physical fitness test! My school has the Presidential Fitness Test, but we never got patches - this is my chance to relive that missing part of my childhood!
Sit-up, push-ups, sit-and-reach, the 30-foot shuttle run, and the mile run. These events are familiar to anyone who has attented public schools in the last 40 years.

Meet the standards and you get a patch. If your performances put you in the top 15% of your age group for all five events, you get a patch designating you as a winner of the blue Presidential Physical Fitness Award. Place in the upper half and get the red National Fitness Award Patch.

Erik Schmidtke, a planning analyst for the state Department of Administration, got to wondering how he'd stack up all these years later[....]

As a result of Kelliher's endorsement, Madison School & Community Recreation will facilitate four opportunities to try for a patch, from 7 to 8 p.m. and 8 to 9 p.m. on two Tuesdays, March 8 and April 26, at the Memorial High School Fieldhouse.

The $20 registration fee is due one day in advance, and includes a t-shirt and either a Presidential, National, or Participant patch, depending on your marks in each of the five events.


Mister Vertigo said...

Huh, I don't remember ever doing this. Maybe it's just because I did so horribly I have it blocked out...

Spice said...

I remember doing the tests, but I don't remember patches being involved.

Having never done very well on the Presidental Physical Fitness Test, I was quite happy when I received the Presidential Academic Fitness Award in 8th grade. Woo!

Juan Dixon's Number 1 Fan said...

What the sam hill is a shuttle run? Is that running after a shuttle? Or running with a shuttle?

Sophist said...

The girls don't do pull-ups for the presidential fitness test, but do this thing called the static hang. My good friend who shall remain anonymous got a record in the static hang - Zero seconds. She didn't understand the concept. After it was explained to her, she was able to do a little longer.