Defining resolve

What is resolve in a bargaining game? One important point to make, I think, is to qualify what resolve ISN’T – that is, it isn’t capabilities (which are ex ante) or probability of winning (which may come from capabilities, and for the purposes of this model, is incorporated as p already). It also can’t just be the probability of war, since that would be tautological or endogenous or something – i.e. the whole model is about the probability of war, so the probability of war can’t be a variable in the model. Likewise, it can’t be the probability of responding to a provocation (at, for example, node 2 in the Schultz game), since it occurs at the first node in the Powell game. So far, the only definition that makes any sense is to define resolve as the amount that would need to be conceded in order to avoid war – but that’s totally tautological.

Spice has suggested that it may be a brand of carpet cleaner.

By process of elimination, I think it may be some type of spicy mustard.

Edited to add: This is, however, the most enjoyable part of the dissertating process so far.

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