Cut 1hr:20min from my swim split

This is a fantastic idea and I'm heartbroken that I didn't find out about it until today. I'm trying to get pictures - which I'll certainly post.
On this Sunday, February 20th 2005, at Noon we will shock Madtown (as though that could happen) with the 3rd. Annual "Ironman Frozen Swim/Run".

This will be your chance to cover the FULL 2.4 mile IM swim course distance in the fastest time you will ever see. We will run the on the frozen waters of Lake Monona, Followed by a run up the Helix to transition into warm gear in the convention center.

Attire (Not mandatory, though highly recommend): Swim suit (for the hardcore) or wet suit, goggles, swim cap, IM race number(if you have one), and shoes (highly recommend). Last year we started out with full wet suits but got hot and striped down to swim suits after the first lap (a few women striped down an ran the last lap in men’s briefs/"Tidy Whites", the look on the ice fisherman’s faces were CLASSIC).

This is not a race.

All are welcome, *Mandatory for Past and future Ironman*. :-)

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Ashley said...

So is this just a race to prepare you for the Ironman. If I got it, you never got to do the race. That would stink if it was really close to where you live and you never got to compete. But it could have it advantages because it was so cold.