C-lucci I

I'm assembling a list of the evidence that the professor I'm teaching for is secretly a conservative jerk (in addition to being a bad professor, cradle-robber, CV-faker, etc.) -

+wears a flag pin on his lapel
+has a "9/11 - Never Forget" checkbook cover, complete with waving flag motif
+lists the Bush doctrine alongside realism and liberalism as a theory of International Relations
+made fun of anti-globalization groups
+used Newt Gingrich's book as an example of counterfactual reasoning

I will add to this list, I'm sure.


Spice said...

Okay, he's _clearly_ a conservative. And, from what else I've heard, a terrible person in general.

I feel really badly for the students.

Juan Dixon's Number 1 Fan said...

Hmm...one while may enjoy the sentiments, perhaps as was the case with a certain former IR professor, a modicum of discressionary nicknaming or codewords might be in order, given Google.

Jeff Guckert