Scrapbook of Revelations

Oh my god - this is what you think of when I tell you that my wife manages a scrapbook store, isn't it? Why would you stereotype like that, jerk?

Scrapbook of Revelations
by Steve Lange

Scrapbookers are not like you and I.

Unless you and I feel the perverse desire to catalog every single photograph we've ever taken by sticking it in a photo album with a border of baby bears sporting word bubbles asking "Are we bear yet?" [...]

After a store tour, fifteen of us — myself and fourteen women mostly in appliqué sweatshirts and sweaters — take our seats in the back room for a discussion entitled "How to Organize Your Scrapbooking Workplace," in which the presenter has chosen to read from a book entitled How to Organize Your Scrapbooking Workplace.

A high percentage of the appliqué sweatshirts and sweaters sport phrases or sayings. If their facts are correct, and these statistics hold true across the scrapbooking crowd, then an estimated seven percent of scrapbookers, if they want the best seat in the house, have to move the cat. Another seven percent are considered crafty mamas. And a whopping 14 percent of all scrapbookers work for a company called Mom's Taxi Service.

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Spice said...

The full article was a bit condescending, I must say. Although appliques also make me a bit uncomfortable, I don't think the correlation between scrapbooking and sporting something appliqued is 1.0.