The professor I'm TAing for got this e-mail after this morning's lecture. What do you think - serious or a prank? If it's the former, they're a loon. If it's the latter, and they get Colucci to say "stop hitting each other after class," then kudos on a prank well done.
I wanted to make you aware of a situation from lecture today and see if you could make some type of announcement about proper behavior. During lecture a girl sitting infront of me kept turning around and yelling at me and then hit me, saying that I'd hit her. I never touched the girl or anything near her. After class she proceeded to hit me a second time, get in my face and harass me, tried ripping the arm of my jacket and pinching me, and tried stealing items from my backpack.

I very much enjoy your class and have had to wait three and a half years to be able to fit it into my schedule, and I don't want to have to drop the class because of behavior like this girl demonstrated today. No student should have to put up with that type of behavior or disruptions during lecture. Is there anything you can do to try and prevent further behavior like this from students?



Spice said...

Prank, I think. I just can't see that happening. Particularly the stealing stuff - wouldn't the student's backpack have been zipped and on his/her back?!?!

Also, three and a half years to get into Intro to IR?!?!

J.Po said...

It seems far too rediculous to be a prank.

Juan Dixon's Number 1 Fan said...

Not a prank - just a lunatic. Could someone hitting another student and yelling at them not be noticed in a lecture? I hear when a student sneezes when I'm lecturing, and notice if they're reading newspapers.