Playoff futures market

YooNew, a finalist in MIT's new business idea competition and one of Inc. Magazine's 5 Ideas to Watch, lets you buy tickets for playoff berths yet to be determined. Can't you do that now, you ask? Well, sure, you can buy tickets to the Final Four, but (1) they're going to be expensive and (2) your team may not even make it. YooNew solves the problem like many, many other problems should be solved - with a futures market.

You can buy Final Four tickets for, say, University of Nebraska-Lincoln for $16.45. If they make the Final Four, then you've just scored a screamin' deal. If they don't - well, that's the risk you take in a market. Teams more likely to make the tournament, UNC for example, have more expensive tickets - $106.86 right now. As the season progresses and teams do better/worse, their ticket prices will increase/decrease accordingly. Think Wisconsin has what it takes this year? Plunk down your $47.01 and take a ride on the futures market train. Want to play on the cheap? Tickets for St. Louis will only run you $10.06.


whooknew said...

check us out now.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen yoonew's interface now? it's pretty cool.