OH MY GOD, WE'RE HAVING A FIRE!!.......sale.

"Is there anyone in the house with you, sir?" is what the police officer asked me in an anxious-sounding voice. "I..uh...my wife is upstairs," I replied, hoping it was her they were arresting and not me. It turned out that they hadn't caught either of us - there was a fire in the building immediately across the communal yard from us, with reports of explosives in the basement, and they needed us to evacuate immediately. Our cats were put in the car (grumpily) which we were told to move away from the building, and we stood outside with our neighbors while fire truck after ambulance after police cruiser filled our driveway.

After about an hour outside, we got cold and decided to sit in the car - even if it meant not being able to see the action. We also got to watch our crazy, chimney-smoking neighbors argue with the police about why they should get to go back into their apartment. "Oh, you AIN'T gonna tell me I cain't go inna my own house!" is what I pictured her saying.

We heard on the news that the occupant of the apartment and a firefighter were injured, so I'm sure we'll be the lead story on the 9:00 news. "Whispering Woods - of near-death!"

Here's a photo I took about 15 minutes after the police gave us the all-clear to go back inside -


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