More on Summers

Once again, the mainstream media aren't telling us the whole story. Here are some of Summers' recent comments that have gone largely unreported so far -
“The male frontal lobe, like the plumage of many male birds, is colorful and attractive,” said Summers. “The frontal lobe of females, by comparison, is a dull, dishwater gray. This difference clearly explains why few girls score above the 90th percentile in science and math tests during high school. It also explains why women would sooner be home nursing their babies than putting in eighty-hour weeks.”

Summers further believes that the difference in frontal lobe coloration explains why his attempts to provide his daughters with a “gender-neutral upbringing” failed. According to Summers, he gave his daughters trucks rather than dolls to play with, but the children named the trucks "mommy truck” and “baby truck” and made dresses for them instead of using them to solve equations.

In other unreported news, clean-shaven Satan was overheard mocking goatee wearers. - the (very) poor man's Onion.

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