Million Dollar Baby

Missy orchestrated an 11th hour coup on her friends (the ones with bad taste in movies), and we went to Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby on Saturday night instead of Racing Stripes. I thought it was very good, if a little straightforward, but without giving too much away, the ending hit a little too close to home for Missy. Go see it, though, because like all the reviewers, I'm not telling you what happens.

Now we only need to see Ray, Finding Neverland, and The Aviator before the Oscars.


J.Po said...

Finding Neverland = very very good.

Aviator = 'That's Leonardo DiCaprio playing Howard Hughes', but good (if not slightly disturbing)

Spice said...

I saw MDB on Saturday as well, and T.Bone and I agreed that it was "very Best Picture-y." It was good, but didn't really push any boundaries.

I have now seen all the nominees - the first time that's happened since some time in the mid-90s. I think my ranking would be:

1. Sideways
2. Finding Neverland
3. Ray
4. The Aviator (if nothing else, the cinematography pushes it up)
5. Million Dollar Baby

But my favorite movie of the year was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - it's pretty tragic that it wasn't nominated, I think.

J.Po said...

I agree whole-heartedly about Eternal Sunshine. I think it got lost because of it's relatively early release. At least Kate W. was recognized. But it deserves more.