Kathleen Falk must be a hippie

As Spice noted on her blog, I went to a class at her hippie gym last night. I was interested by her description of it - no mirrors, lots of laughing, very encouraging - so I took them up on their free class offer. I was going to my gym later that evening anyway, so I'd be able to get a real workout in after play-time.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Although there was, in fact, no mirrors, lots of laughing, and lots of encouragement (as well as a game of freeze-tag as a warm-up) I got one helluva workout. Only my abs are sore today, but I really expected to be hurting more based on how I felt when I got done. The leg-throwing exercise in particular (which you'd have to see to understand), was a killer - at around 25 seconds on the second time through was the only point in the hour class where I was hurting too bad to keep going.

I can see why people have such good things to say about the Monkey Bar. The Princeton Club, which is the traditional gym that I typically attend, is a giant room of self-punishment - grimaces, grunting, pained-expressions, but no inter-exerciser interaction. Our class leader at MB was also excellent - mid-40's, not athletic-looking, not intimidating, and she knew the names of about 75% of the class.

One of the people's names she knew was Dane County Executive and former gubenatorial candidate, Kathleen Falk. Kathy, as I'm going to start referring to her, was in Group #2 with me, and told me that I was good at burpees. I'm going to be her Secretary of Defense when she becomes mayor of Madison.

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