Missy and I found out tonight that her brother, a Marine stationed in Hawaii, was supposed to be on the helicopter that crashed near the Jordanian border yesterday, killing all 30 people inside. She just talked to him about it - he mostly feels guilty for getting out of it when so many of his friends didn't. My grandfather served in Korea decades ago, but this is the closest personal connection I've had with anyone in live combat. I wouldn't say that Matt and I are really close, but it's still harder than I thought it would be.

He's been calling a lot lately - because he's planning to propose to his girlfriend and is really nervous about it. I can't imagine how she feels - it makes me wonder if they'll be able to stay together, especially if he feels like he should have been in Iraq and she was part of the reason he wasn't.

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J.Po said...

When my dad's draft number for Vietnam was about to be called, he snatched a governemt job that kept him out of the war. To this day, he holds immense guilt - about legally evading a war he never supported - because he 'abandoned the young men of his generation'.