Friday bike blogging

Today - the story of Renn Multisport. Disc wheels are fast, but good ones are outrageously expensive - to the tune of $1500 for a wheel that you only ride in races. Frank Rehnalt, founder of Renn Multisport, decided that he could make a disc wheel for less if he handled the production, distribution, and customer service on his own. Frank built the business by taking wheels to races in the back of his van - riders borrowed them for the race, and lots ended up buying them aftewards. I've heard fantastic stories about Renn's customer service - going well beyond expectations to build a reputation among riders.

Here are a few photos from the process (which looks like it goes on in Frank's basement) -


Spice said...

I enjoyed this Friday's bike blogging. I just had to say that.

J.Po said...

This pictures (as they appear on my screen) make me think that BIKING IS HUUUUUUGGGGGE