Body Power < Boot Camp

Missy and I went to another free class at the Monkey Bar Gym this morning (her first, my second) - Body Power, which is a strength class, instead of Boot Camp, which is a cardio class. I was less impressed. Don't get me wrong - my muscles are certainly sore, but the class wasn't as fun and the instructor wasn't as good. There was no clapping, laughing or encouragement between the attendees (except for the crazy woman that wanted to watch me do the pike), and the instructor was the kind of mumbly undergrad-ey guy that I dislike having in section. Missy wants to go to a Boot Camp class to see what I was raving about though, so she and Spice may have to coordinate a visit.

I learned that slow squats with 30-lb weights and a five-second pause are a fantastic exercise, and one that I'll be doing at my regular gym now that I'm out of free passes to the MBG.


Spice said...

Hmmm...that's disappointing. BP is certainly less dynamic than BC - a lot more of you and your partner chatting while one of you does stuff rather than running around like lunatics. But I don't typically think of it as that much less fun - maybe it was the time of day you went or the mix of people.

I discovered yesterday that slow squats are, indeed, good exercise.

If Missy wants to join me for BC, I usually go on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5, but may start going Sundays at 5 as well...

J.Po said...

I feel lame. I'm about to head out to my local Y. No monkey business for me.